Can we have pizza tonight?

Oven-baked sourdough pizza with fresh tomatoes, portabella mushrooms, brocoli, and jalapenos.

Once you have the sourdough starter going, it is amazing how easy it is to make sourdough pizza. I have been unhappy with the amount of processed food it is easy to end up eating here in the US. V and I are happy eating regular daal chawal roti everyday but T looks at his friends gorging on pizzas and chicken nuggets and wants those all the time.

He loves pizza with an intensity that is frightening. So I have renewed my attempts to get him to like homemade healthy pizza. Store-bought/frozen pizzas are so high in sodium and some of the additives listed make my stomach churn. Of course a six year old does not share my concern or really care.

A note here about Breadtopia: If you want to try your hand at bread baking, this is the place to go. The videos are excellent and the recipes so simple to follow. The thing about bread baking is that you MUST follow the recipe. Improvisations may lead to disasters, as I discovered when baking the sourdough sun-dried tomato rolls. They were not bad but could have been much better if I had not improvised.

For the sourdough pizza, I followed the recipe exactly except for the grilling bit. We don’t have an outdoor grill and I had to use the oven. I also don’t have a pizza stone but I will buy it now. In spite of this, the pizza turned out finger licking good. For the sauce, I used whatever I had at home: fresh tomatoes, rosemary, thyme, dried oregano, yellow peppers, and added chipotle adobo seasoning for a bit of a kick. For toppings I used portabella mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, jalapenos, and brocoli. I also used reduced fat mozarella to get the fat content down.

T wanted a pepperoni pizza but I don’t stock any meat at home. Next time I’ll make sure I have some to add on his pizza. This could be a reason why this pizza got a not so great rating on the T meter.

T meter: A very okay yummy in my tummy.

S and V meter: Yummmmm… (we obviously have different standards.)

T ism: I think you are the best cooker in the world but next time can I have pepperoni pizza please?

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One Response to Can we have pizza tonight?

  1. T's maushi says:

    I thought he did not like pepperoni! But beware, that has tons of sodium.

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